Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sweet Slumber

This is what the kids looked like less than 5 minutes after we left the Steele's house. They had a great time and I am sure they will miss grandma and grandpa. Naomi learned to walk while she was there and learned several words. Isaiah only had two potty accidents all week!

City girl turned farmer...

Here is Jordan on Rick's new 8000 series John Deere. Pretty impresive, huh? I meant Jordan, not the tractor.

Jordan in Illinois

I picked up my sister, Jordan, and we went to Illinois to pick up the kids at Micah's parents house. We went to visit the cattle with Rick and Hannah. Jordan had a fun time and loved the farm atmosphere.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Here we are on our last night of the trip in Heidelburg. The castle here is so beautiful and streets like a dream. We had a wonderful lunch and coffee and laughed at each other till we thought we would pee our pants when we tried really hard to communicate with our waitress. In this picture we are standing in the shopping district and you can see the old church behind us.


This is the small town of Bad Wimpfen that I visited on Friday while Micah worked. I had seen pictures of these sorts of places but it is another thing entirely to be standing in such a place. This is the center of town and these buildins are small business such as the bakery in the green building.


This was the most wonderful vacation! Micah and I had a great time- Maybe I should not speak for him because he had to work:). Ok- I had a great time. It was wonderful to try and find my way by myslef in a foreign land. Talk about getting outside of your comfort zone!

The scenery is like something out of a fairy tale. The small towns are so enchanting. Getting lost is even a pleasure! The pictures don't do the place any justice. This is a picture that we took from the Heidelburg Castle of the town below and the Neckar River. It rained much of the time and was cold but that did not dampened our spirits.

We vistited our friends, the Van Essens, who just moved to the Manheim area and heard their stories of getting settled and figuring everything out. Kimber was a gracious host even though Jeramy was away on a trip.

It was hard to leave such a wonderful place to come home but we missed the kids and remembered what a wonderful life we have back here. It is really good to be home!