Saturday, September 12, 2009

Topsail Beach Vacation Video


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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Adventures in Homeschooling

So here are some pics of our newly reorganized homeschool/playroom/livingroom area. I am giving homeschooling a go this year in an attempt to keep my growing preschoolers busy and active and so I felt that I needed to create a fun space for that. We are doing the Sonlight curriculum and other fun things like art and games. So far it has been super fun to have all of these resources at my fingertips to keep us busy. The kids seem to like the new schedule too.
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Labor Day at The Steeles

A long weekend at the Steeles is always fun. The whole family was able to be together and just relax. Gwen always makes us really good food too. Most of us went to the Springfield Farmers Market on Saturday morning to sell some of that yummy beef. We also got to see Grandma Betty and the Cutlers. One call was made to poison control (Miriam had a run in with holly berries) and Hannah's house was burglarized while she was gone. But, overall, a great time was had by all!
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Christmas in September!

Here is the latest and greatest on Levi. He weighs 25 pounds and is 32 inches tall! He had his palate surgury in June and is able to hold his bowl an eat by himself. He is also using the potty by himself during the day. He runs and walks by himself, plays puzzles, and calls the nannies "aunt".

His 2nd birthday is Friday and so we sent him a care package with pajamas, a stuffed animal or blanket, candy, a camera for the nannies to take pictures of him and his friends, and a letter from us translated by Ann. Ann has a business delivering care packages for families to their watiting children in China, among other things. I found her on the web thanks to our Yahoo group from the Wenzhou orphanage. She said that if you order a package she tries really hard to get updated pictures and info but she does not guarantee those things. This is the info that she was able to get.

I feel like it is Christmas morning!!

Here is the picture of the care package that Ann is sending for us. Isn't that just so cool?

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