Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Isaiah and Mom eating lunch last Sunday after church. He just learned how to say "cheese!".


Anonymous said...

Micah, Jamie, Isaiah and Naomi,
Where'e Micah? I couldn't see him. The photos are beautiful and the captions were great. Y'all better watch out for those little eyes and behave yourselves in the kitchen. Also get Isaiah some Power Rangers underwear. I think he'd look more macho. Love you all.

Aunt Gail and Uncle Larry

Heather said...

Hey Jamie and Micah! Ash and I sure do miss you! Your family is beautiful! Love you guys!

Arin said...

I love your family! Miss you all!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Gail said:

I'm enjoying this so much. Next time Nana Barham comes over here I'm sitting her down at the computer to watch the videos and see the pictures. She's done it before and enjoyed them. P.S. Where are those Power Ranger briefs? Love you all.