Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Arin and Lucy

My friend Arin from college came to visit this week and brought her dog Lucy. Arin had not met Naomi and I had not met Lucy. We had a great time. We took Arin to see the beautiful sights of Dubuque like the Mississippi and the bluffs. We also went to Galena and walked around because Arin had never been there. We cooked yummy food and even tried our hand at some traditional Czech food to surprise Monika. (We didn't do so hot and she laughed at us but she agreed that we get an A for effort.) Lucy ran around barking at Gabe and Griffin most of the time and left some little brown presents all over the house as a token of her appreciation for our hospitality! We love "Aunt Arin" and can't wait to visit with her again. Thank God for great friends.

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Anonymous said...

Yea!! I made the blog! I LOVE THE STEELE FAMILY! Thank you so much for having me and my naughty little dog in your home. :) Can't to come visit again!
Aunt Arin