Sunday, December 23, 2007

All dressed up...

Well we have another 6 inches of snow this morning on top of the other 400 million inches we already had. We were in our jammies knowing that there was no way we could get out today. Then the plow came by at 9:oo. Yay! We hurried to get ready for church excited to not be housebound again. We all hopped in the car and made it about 20 feet up our street and got stuck. Isaiah cheered and suggested that the neighbor could tow us out. We made it back into the drive but not into the garage. we are ready for church. We took the opportunity to take a family picture instead.

We miss you all in NC and wish we could be at Nana's today. Eat some dressing without celery and think of how much I love you all. I really do love you all!

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