Friday, June 27, 2008

A Day To Stay Inside

It is rainy out today for the first time in a week or so. We have been so busy staying outside that we needed a day just to stay in and do some chores. Th house was getting very neglected. The kids have been covered in sunscreen, dirt, and sweat for a week. One night it was late and I did not want to give baths just thinking that we would take them first thing in the morning. (We have gotten home later than normal most evenings.) Isaiah yelled that there was something on his pillow after he layed down. I went in and found sand all over it from coming out of his hair! He also fell out of the bed two nights this week and did not even wake up! I heard the thuds. Now that is what I like to see! A tired and dirty kid. That way you know they had a great day!

In other news, Isaiah is happy that he learned how to snap his pants this week and has taken an interest in making his own breakfast which is the same every morning...toast. The kid loves toast. Naomi has proved herself to be much more daring in the pool (or in any water) than Isaiah ever was so we have not made it to the pool much. We have been sticking to parks, baby pools in the yard, and slip and slides with friends. Naomi has also been talking alot more and therefore making us laugh quite a bit.

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