Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Well we are getting back to normal after being gone and I think the kids are really glad to be back here. They have played with their toys and have been very content. We are trying to get some vegetables in the freezer and Isaiah has become quite the helper. He has a gazillion questions as ususal but now wants to do many things that I do. He has really enjoyed snaping beans the last couple of days.

One of Isaiah's new favorite things to do is to meet the mail man at the mailbox and grab the mail. He usually does not say anything to the man, he just has a big grin. Today when he went out he ran as fast as he could to the box to meet the truck as it was almost at our house and he got the mail and yelled "Have a great day!". He giggled at himself all the way back up the drive. He was SO CUTE! I almost cried.

In other news, we are getting ready for two exchange students to join our family. They will arrive on the 14th and 18th. They are both girls and will be seniors at a Christian school nearby. Tessie is from Vietnam and Rexhina is from Albania. We are anxious to meet and welcome them. Isaiah and I are having fun preparing for them. He has painted them pictures and wants to make presents for them. He told the lady at the furniture store (we bought bunks for them) that he is getting two new sisters. I am enjoying decorating a room for teenage girls. I will post a picture when I have it done- if its ever done! I think I could keep adding cute things in there for a long time.

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Jones Family said...

Wow! That's brave! How long will the exchange students stay...the whole year! I'm impressed!