Friday, October 31, 2008

Chopsticks Night

We took Tessie to the Asian Food store after school yesterday and she had so much fun. The lady who runs it is from Vietnam and they chatted forever in Vietnamese. Tessie bought all kinds of food and shared some with us for dinner. Shrimp chips, Vietnamese noodles, and tamarind candy were among the sampled foods. She got us some chopsticks and we all tried to eat our dinner with them. We had some pasta salad that I thought would lend itself to being picked up pretty easily. We also had sandwiches. Isaiah wanted to eat ALL of his food with the chopsticks so in addition to eating the pasta he stabbed his sandwich with them as well and thought himself very cleaver as a result. Aren't hey cute?? We have a fun family.
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mama2dibs said...

You do have a fun family! I'm sure it was good for Tessie to get to see one of "her" people for just a bit. As awesome of an adventure as it is, I imagine it gets a bit lonesome at times too.