Sunday, October 17, 2010

Isaiahs Prayer

Isaiah approached us last night and told us that he wanted to pray about putting his faith in Jesus.  We quizzed him a little bit, and he also had some questions about it himself.  But after that he said he really wanted to pray about it.  So we both knelt by the bed and Isaiah sat atop it and said a big-boy prayer about his faith, saying that he wanted to follow the one true God.

After dinner, we celebrated the event with (what else) ice cream sandwiches.  Then, Isaiah suggested we cap off the night with a dance party.  We told him that we might as well do that, what with all the angels doing the same up in heaven ;)

Only God knows Isaiah's heart, so we don't know if he has or when he will truly cross from death to life.  But praise God for pursuing us and calling him to Himself.

Here's some pics from the party.  The kids chose their own attire...

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Becky Bartlett said...

Awesome!!! Can't wait to celebrate with my own kids someday, also!