Friday, December 3, 2010


Little pumpkin was super excited when big brother and sister rushed to get their snow gear on when the flurries began to stream down.  He was certain that he wanted to go too!  He giggled as I put his hands in mittens and held out the snow bibs for him to step into.  His laugh was totally contagious!  He was even more tickled by the boots and then he waddled all over the house.  It was all fun and games until he actually went out to see the white stuff.  He was scared!  He wanted no part of that weirdness!  All dressed up and no where to go...he watched happily from the glass door while eating his blueberries.  Maybe we will try again tomorrow. 

Oh how I love seeing all of these things that he has never seen through his eyes!  Such joy, praise the Lord!


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