Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A week of firsts

Isaiah started school a little while after we moved to the new house. It was time. Time for him and time for me. I must say that the Lord provided a very smooth transition. His timing is always perfect. Isaiah has been delighted at his new adventure and the littler ones and I are enjoying each other at home (and preparing for the next little one!). The bus stops at the corner of our lot and there are 4 other kids at our bus stop. Lots of the kids in the neighborhood go to our church so he already had friends on the bus. There are so many kids in our new neighborhood that there are TWO elementary busses that cover it! I love that.  And at our bus stop the Moms and Dads wait at the bus stop with the kids.  We all wave and blow kisses as the bus pulls away.  Ok, it's kinda nerdy, but I still really love it.  I'm gonna be out there participating in the nerdiness until he asks me not to do it anymore.  :)

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the keith fam said...

Such a fun post! Love it!
I was thinking...
1 bus stop + 1 cup of coffee + 1 unbelieving mom = 1 GREAT opportunity to witness :)