Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lord of the Rings Art

We recently finished reading The Hobbit at bedtime.  Isaiah made a play-dough model of Smaug (the dragon).

Isaiah wants to make sure you can make one for youself if you're interested. Here are his instructions:

1) The tail -- get some play-dough (a small amount) and just roll it back and forth til it makes kinda like a tube but with no hole inside it

2) The end of the tail -- cut a little triangle out of the play-dough and stick it onto the end of the tube (make sure it looks like a point)

3) The body -- you make kind of a circle and kind of medium-sized with how big or how small you want it. Use a pencil or pen or chop stick or whatever and poke lots of holes in it. Make one kind of bigger hole -- this is the spot where the arrow went when Smaug died (you will only know this if you have ever read the book -- that is where Smaug was invented).

4) The mouth -- cut a circle out of the play-dough. Poke (2) holes for the eyes, or put (2) dots of play-dough for eyes. Then get a really small amount of play-dough and roll it back and forth five or six times and if it doesn't work you can roll it more. Then, curve it like a smile and put it on the head so it looks like he's smiling.

5) The wings -- get (2) pieces of play-dough (try to make it the same amount) and cut the wings however you want them to look. Then, put them kind of on the edge of the body, then get (2) amounts of play-dough and make them short like the smile but longer and put them onto the middle of the wings.

6) The legs -- make them just like you put the amounts onto the wings, but make them as legs. Then, you can add any other accessories however you want them.


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Rita and John said...

So cool! Thanks, Isaiah, for explaining how we can make our own! :)