Thursday, September 27, 2012

School is cool

Aren't they adorable?  For reals y'all.

Levi started preschool at Our Redeemer Lutheran School.  He just turned 5.  He LOVES it there.  He only goes for a half day, (M-TH) and then we get to play in the afternoons.  He has a bit of a hard time sitting still but I bet he will get the hang of it.  He is extremely social and is totally into his new friends.  Other things he loves are cars, Wii, his scooter, and basically anything that allows him to move very fast and be very loud while laughing.  He is still going to speech twice a week and making great progress.

Isaiah is in the 2nd grade at Kennedy Elementary.  He will be 8 in October.  He LOVES his class.  He loves to read and to have us read to him.  Currently he is listening to the Narnia series and the Lord of the Rings series, alternated every night.  ;)  He just joined the Cub Scouts and is really diggin all of the activities that they are doing.  He loves being with his brother and sisters, creating/building things, and campfires.

Naomi is in Kindergarten at Kennedy Elementary.  She just turned 6.  She had a rough start to the year, what with missing mommy and such, but now she LOVES it.  She has met some really nice friends at school and loves riding the bus.  She is very social and likes to tell me everything about her day when she gets home.  Her favorite things are playing with her neighborhood friends, playing outside, going on dates with Daddy, and having girl time with Mommy.  

And Princess P and I get to snuggle, play toys, and run errands while the others are gone.  She is 19 months old now!  She is such a joy to us all.  We all adore her and have had a blast watching her explore her new surroundings.  She has been home 5 months!!  She loves to climb, do anything outside, have Daddy throw her around in the air, suck her thumb, and scowl at anyone that tries to pick her up other than Mom and Dad.  No complaints here!


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mama2dibs said...

Love it! Miss you guys! Sounds like you are all lovin' life. :)