Monday, October 15, 2007

Fun Weekend

This weekend we tried to do some fun activities. First, Isaiah and Micah went to a football game at the high school near our house on Friday night. Isaiah had a blast and Micah had fun watching him take it all in. He loved the band and the hot chocolate and popcorn. He will talk about that for a long time to come.
On Saturday morning we went to a farm about 30 miles east of here where we get our meat. (Both kids whined all the way there...) We have never been there because the farmer usually delivers it to us. We went to check out the farm and get some more meat. We saw the pigs that we are going to eat next week and some of the cousins of the chickens that we took home yesterday. Then we visited the turkey that we will eat for Thanksgiving. Isaiah was disappointed because the Farmer did not have calves like grandpa does. They were at a different farm so we could not see them.
On the way home (more loud whining) we stopped in Galena for lunch and Culver's. Yum yum.
After naps (Isaiah woke up in a horrible mood with taffy in his hair) we went to a pumpkin farm just outside of town for some fun with other friends. That is where this picture was taken. They have animals and hay rides and hay bale mazes and such.
Even though we tried to have lots of fun this weekend Isaiah was pretty grumpy the whole time. He got several spankings- one at the pumpkin farm- and was pretty disagreeable. Micah and I looked at each other in disbelief at the end of the day on Saturday and decided that maybe we should do fewer fun things in a weekend. It was pretty frustrating.
This morning I woke up to Isaiah in my bed. He gave me a kiss and said "I love you mom. You are the cutest girl I ever seen in my whole world." After taking that in I said do you want to get up and eat? He said "yeah, lets get this show on the road!"

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