Monday, October 29, 2007

Isaiah's birthday and other updates

This past Saturday was Isaiah's 3rd birthday. Here we are celebrating. Naomi couldn't make the party because she needed some beauty sleep. Isaiah had fun and even enjoyed blowing out the candels on his cake this year- a first.
We have been pleasantly busy this fall. Micah has not had to travel much so that has been nice. He does have to go to Germany next week however, and he bought me a ticket to go along. It was my birthday present. He ought to be worried that I would have really high expectations for the gift on my 30th next year! So, we are leaving on Tuesday Nov. 6th and the kids are going to "Farm Camp" once more. I am very excited to see Germany. Mom is worried that we are going there to find a place to live. She thinks we have some plan up our sleeves which we do not.
This past weekend was a real downer for us despite having Isaiah's birthday. We took our beloved dogs to a boxer rescue to find them a new home. We are saddened by their absence and I know that we will miss them for a long time to come. Even this morning I missed their noises. The rescue was a great place with 8 other boxers for them to play with. The lady was so nice and reminded me of my dear friend and animal lover Janet Grovo. I know that they are in good hands. The lady at the rescue tried to send three birds home with us complete with accessories. We debated and Isaiah lobbied but we declined. So, we are petless for the first time in 6 years.


Joel & Stephi Steele said...

Did you make that cake? It looks fancy!

The Steeles said...

It was purchased at WalMart, so it was probably made in China.

D&J said...

Why no more dogs??? I'm sure you guys are so sad.