Monday, September 15, 2008


We have been busy around the Steele household since I last posted. Isaiah started AWANA last Thursday and loved it. It is like a youth group for younger kids and they learn scripture, play games and do crafts. He wanted to know when he could go back again. He also had soccer again this week and loved that. I poured rain so we dont have any pictures but he did not miss a beat getting onto the field for practice. He said "The green team will NEVER score!". (That is the team we played last week.)

Micah bought us this fancy jog stroller from the lady down the street who was selling it. Now I can excersize with the kids and they seem to really like it. Especially if it involves a walk to the ice cream store like in this picture.

Rexhina and Tessie are doing great. I asked them what they thought after being here a month. I wanted to know if they thought they could handle 9 more. They said "sure!". Tessie added "I love the ice cream." They went on a retreat with the school and got to know alot of the students better and had a great time. We planned a trip to St. Louis to visit with Joel and steph, go to a Cardinal game, tour around, and take the girls to see Maroon 5 in concert. (Rexhina's favorite band) I think they are looking forward to that.

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