Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Home Improvement- 1st Edition

As a courtesy to Aunt Gail :) I thought I would let you know what we are doing with the good ole homestead.  So far our main living space has been repainted (living room, kitchen, dining room, and the two main stairwells) and have begun installing wood in the upstairs.  All the carpet above the basement will soon be gone!  The upstairs bedrooms and the livingroom will have wood flooring to match the kitchen and dining room.  Micah is happier than ever about this because since tearing all of the carpet out in just Naomi's room he has had great trouble breathing and has used his inhaler much more than normal.  We will also have two bathrooms painted and tile on the laundry room level of the house.  Our friend Jeremy Hoy is doing all of the work for us so we get the pleasure of having his daughter for the duration of the job.  Paisley is keeping Naomi busy since they are the same age.  We are on week number 2 of this adventure with several more to go.  We will feel like we are coming home to a new house when we get back from China!  The above pic is of Naomi's room and the hall.

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