Thursday, February 25, 2010


Well, We are getting ready to leave soon and we are sooo ready! We have really been preparing for our big trip around here and it is exciting. I have enjoyed spending some alone time with the kids this week with no other commitments. Bible study and prayer has been an important part of preparation for me as I am eager to stay close by Him, excited to see what He is doing in our lives and how he is working as this journey continues to unfold. Countless other items have been marked off the list such as:

- Meals made and in the freezer
- The biggest grocery store run of all time completed
- Levi's suitcase almost packed
- Kids all packed for Grandma and Grandpa's house
- All electronics checked for successful performance
- Travel plans finalized

Um, what else?? We still have to pack mine and Micah's stuff and clean the house one last time before departure. Micah still has to finish with the stair treads and risers and we have to tear out more carpet and linoleum. Oh...I guess there are a million other little things.

I'm sure I was awake at least an hour after I got in bed last night which is very unusual for me. I even woke up Micah from a dead sleep to remind him of something we need to remember. I have followed lots of other families journeys on their blogs and I wondered countless times how I would feel when it was our turn and now I know...Yay, I can't wait!! I thought I would be nervous and intimidated but I am totally at peace and I am amazed at how God has prepared us for this time. Woohoo! As I lay in bed thinking of many things to be done my mind is ultimately pulled to the person we are waiting to meet and I think...

We are coming to bring you home little guy! I hope they show you our photo album everyday and point to the pictures and tell you who we are. I pray that God has been and will continue to prepare your heart for this huge step in your life. I pray that the moment you see us you will know our love for you and that your father in heaven will use us to teach you his amazing love for you. We can't wait to finally see your face and touch you. We love you so much!

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D&J said...

Micah and Jamie-We're so excited for you guys as you travel to officially meet Levi and bring him home. We'll be praying for safe travels and a smooth transition for your growing family. God's blessings to you.