Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Home 3 Months!

Levi and Mom in on March 7, 2010, the day we met.

Levi at home in Iowa!

I can't believe that we have been home for three months with Levi!  Looking at those pictures from the trip is weird because it seems like he was a different child and that it was so long ago.  It seems like he has been in our family forever!  Levi is such a joy to have around.  He is rarely in a bad mood and is usually dancing, running, jumping, climbing, giving kisses and just laughing at everything.  Here are some fun facts about Levi:

  • He calls Isaiah "I-yay- yuh!".
  • He eats anything.
  • He loves baths.
  • He says "Look Mom!" (it doesn't sound like that but I know what he is saying.  It is soo cute!)
  • He loves his red crocks and says "shoes" and wears them all of the time.
  • He is pretty much potty trained!  Easy kid!
  • He aggravates Isaiah and Naomi and they give it right back.
  • He has grown accustomed to lawn mowers, well almost.
  • He is afraid of lawn mowers, the vacuum, dogs, cats, and horses.  Oh, and the hair clippers.
  • He loves to give kisses...even to the cell phone sales man.  Woops!
  • He hears "I love you" countless times a day and each time replies, "I wah wah" with a big grin.
  • He would love it if we let him take an hour to eat each meal.  He is the slowest eater ever.
  • He tries to repeat every word that we say and do every action that we do.
  • He is always willing to duke it out with Naomi over a seat in Mom's lap.  Naomi hates this.
  • He always has a small car, truck, or train in each hand.  He carries them everywhere.
  • He has a lovie!  "Doggie" or "Ya-ye" was given to him by a co-worker of Micah.
  • Doggie, Daddy, and Potty all sound the same when he says them.  You have to be looking at him to tell the difference.  If you get it wrong you might get a surprise!
  • He is a very happy kid who loves life.
  • I think he is comfortable and thriving with his new family.
  • His new family adores him.
  • He wants another sister...he said so.  I heard him say it but Micah could't quite make it out. ;)

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