Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finally, An Update!

I really have missed blogging and am sorry that it has been so long!  I have probably lost lots of faithful followers by now. :)  Anyway, here is an attempt at updating you on the things that I consider to be the most important of the last several weeks.

Isaiah had a violin recital just before Christmas.  Here he is with his beloved teacher "Miss. Suz".  Suz is a dear friend!  He did an awesome job and I will try and post the video later.

Here are the kiddos on Christmas morning.  Levi had no idea why we had to get up so early and face the camera.

Levi had surgery to put tubes in his ears.  Our doctors in Iowa City said that he was experiencing significant hearing loss and needed the surgery for his speech development.  After the procedure he could clearly hear much more than before and kept saying "quiet!".  He began speech therapy twice a week and is making great progress.  He loves it.
They took him to the door of the hospital in the wagon after he was discharged.  He thought is was pretty cool.

Micah had to make a trip to Asia for three weeks so the kids and I drove to North Carolina to visit with my family.  It was wonderful to catch up with so many family members and friends and introduce some of them to Levi for the first time.  We had a wonderful trip and we were so excited to be reunited with Dad at home when it was all over.

We have had a ton of snow and the kids have had a lot of fun outside.

We added a new family member, a guinea pig named Laura.  She is loved by all and probably handled a little too much for her taste.  She has added lots of excitement to our little home school.

I was asked to speak at a womens retreat weekend last week and it was a time that I am sure I will never forget.  There is nothing quite as exciting as telling others about the transforming power that our Lord has had in your life while watching him work in the lives of others.  I am truly blessed to be a part of the community of believers here in Dubuque.  

Ok, well I think that is all for now!  I will try and post the video of Isaiah's recital because it is so cute.  Love to you all!!


the keith fam said...

oooooh, I LOVE all the pictures and the update! Congratulations on the newest member of your family. Garrett will be SOOoooo excited to hear the big news! Love you girl!

mrs. c said...

Yay an update! Happy for you guys with the little guinea pig. Ours...uhh...didn't go well. The kids look adorable!