Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hello from rainy Fuzhou!

I just thought I would update you a little more on whats going on.  Just for fun, and because I am bored.  It has rained every day so far and so between the rain and the sweet baby slumbers we are spending loads of time in the room.  This trip is so much different.  Knowing what I know now about Levi now makes this trip so much easier.  I am tempted to worry about things regarding Miss P but remembering God's faithfulness concerning everything with Levi puts me at ease, ya know?  Anyway, more things about Princess P as I like to call her...She is very quiet so far.  Her eyes are piercing and she takes everything in very quietly and you can tell she is really sizing you up.  She hardly makes much noise but she does crank up the squeaks when we go outside or when Micah sits down to play with her. She thinks that Daddy is the most fun toy.  She lets him tickle her and plop her on the bed and crawl around chasing her and she throws her head back and cackles out loud.  She sucks her thumb.  When she is eating her baby cereal she puts her thumb in her mouth in between each bite.  It's pretty adorable.  She lets me snuggle her by laying her head down on my shoulder and being very still for a long time.  She lets me rock her and rub her back.  She lets me rock her to sleep and then she is very easy to lay down in her crib.  At night, she does not make a peep until morning.  

We visited her orphanage yesterday.  She has been in foster care since December but we can't meet the foster family.  Then we visited a famous Buddhist temple and it was like a huge pretty park.  We had a nice stroll around and took some pictures while Miss P slept in the carrier.  I wanted to get some pictures of the city to show her one day.  Here are the best pics of the day.  These are of us at the Temple and also a couple of the princess in the suitcase which she likes to climb in and then find stuff to chew on.

Jamie Steele

"Fix your attention on God.  You'll be changed from the inside out."   
Romans 12:2


Rita and John said...

What beautiful photos. I'm sorry it has rained every day. How wonderful that your Princess P is opening up more and more to you every day.

the keith fam said...

L.o.V.e. your pictures. You guys look simply radiant!!! Can't wait to meet the little inquirer :) She is beautiful!!! Love you and miss you!