Monday, April 16, 2012

She's officially a Steele!

Today we finalized Phoebe's adoption at the Civil Affairs office.  She is officially a Steele!  This morning was very busy and she conked out during all of our errands. After doing our official paperwork,  we needed to go to Walmart to pick up a couple of things and also go to the pharmacy.  We were able to get some medicine for her as I suspect that she may have an ear infection that is bothering her.  She finally ate a decent meal today at around 3 pm.  I don't know if she is not eating due to not feeling well, or the fact that a stranger is trying to feed her, or both.  Probably both.  She has such a sweet and gentle personality and she seems fairly easy going so far. She definitely seems more like an 8 month old than a 14 month old.  Anyway, things are very quiet around here.  We are just enjoying our new baby girl and each other.  I can't wait for you guys to see how stinkin' cute she is in person!

We've uploaded a video you can download to watch.  Click on the link below.  It's a fairly large file, so sorry in advance for those with slow connections.  YouTube is blocked by all Chinese internet service providers, so we can't use it to share videos.

Micah & Jamie


Rita and John said...

What a beautiful little girl! It's such fun to watch her discovering her world and her new parents. Congratulations!

jenny said...

Congratulations Jamie and Micah!!!! So happy to see Phoebe in your arms! she is so precious! Will be keeping you all in your prayers. Thanks for sharing your journey. ( my friend Nancy leaves for Hong Kong on Thursday) its been fun remembering our trip two years ago through both of you.