Monday, March 10, 2008

Bible Story Backfire

Isaiah was in the bath today and he was protesting having his hair washed because he does not like the water in his eyes. We had a conversation and it went like this:

Mom: "What happens when you go to the pool or the ocean? Water gets on your face then and it is fun!"

Isaiah: "But I dont want to go to the ocean."

Mom: "Why not? You love to go there with Nana and Papa."

Isaiah: "Because the ocean has fish."

Mom: "Fish won't hurt you."

Isaiah: "A fish ate Jonah!!"


Jones Family said...

hilarious!!! at least he's hearing you accurately!

mama2dibs said...

That's HILARIOUS! That's was Libby's favorite Bible story for awhile. Now we've made our way to Samson. I'll be wary of the next haircut.