Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Too Cute

I know that all I post are pictures of the kids in the house doing nothing important but this one was too cute not to post. Naomi likes to sit on the kitchen counter when I am cooking and this is today. She likes to have girl time...none of that banging, jumping, beating things stuff that boys do. (Sometimes she just wants to get away from the wild boy.) She is not saying many words that we can understand. She sure seems to know what she is saying! She can tell us when she wants food, drink, a video, her pants changed, and to be held, of course. She also started doing this thing where she rolls her eyes and crosses them at the same time all while grinning if you smile at her. It says "look at how cute I am!"

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mama2dibs said...

Girl, you keep posting cute pictures of Isaiah and Naomi. That's what I love about blogs.