Friday, April 2, 2010

Cutie Pie

Last weekend we went over to our beloved neighbors, the Berstlers, for a campfire. Levi had a great time bringing sticks over to the fire and giving sticks to Mr. Berstler. It is so fun to watch him explore and experience things that we are quite certain he has never done before.
I caught Levi and Naomi rocking and just cackling at each other and ran to grab the camera. It was soo cute! In over Levi news:
  • He is sleeping in his crib in the room that is his and Isaiah's. He wakes up several times a night but settles quickly when Micah goes to comfort him. Yes, Micah. He is enjoying being the night time comforter since Levi still has a hard time connecting with Micah during the day.
  • He loves to give us all kisses and understands when you say "give me a kiss" what that means.
  • He eats more than Isaiah and Naomi put together.
  • He likes to play "rodeo" with dad and I and N.
  • He loves to ride in the car and when you ask him if he is ready to go bye bye he finds his shoes.
  • He did test positive for and intestinal parasite so we are looking forward to getting that treated and GONE! We are hoping that none of the rest of us has picked it up.
  • He tries to imitate what we are saying but mostly just succeeds with getting the melody of the words.
  • He has an appointment at the University of Iowa Children's Hospital in two weeks and I am looking forward to that even though I know he wont like it much.
  • He is such a sweetie and it is fun to watch him learn what I means to live in a family who loves him all of the time!

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