Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday!

It was wonderful to relax and take time to consider what our savior has done for us. Our church has an alter call of sorts on Easter Sunday and it was wonderful to see all of those who chose to walk across the stage giving a public confession of faith. It is so interesting to consider that those who made that decision chose to give up their lives in order to gain the scandalous gift of our Lord. It is so exciting to think about what the cross means for me. Have you considered what it means to you? I urge you not to waste any time in doing that!

We just hung around the house after church and the kids colored eggs and then we hid some eggs for the kids to find. The hidden eggs contained M&M's. Levi ate all of his treasures but Isaiah and Naomi saved some of theirs for later. Levi decided to go on the prowl trying to steal some additional treasures...

Here are some pictures from the day:

Easter pic on the front steps of our house.
All of the little kids from our small group posing at church after the service. Aren't they just precious? They all love each other so much.
After the egg hunt in the back yard.
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The Josh Hill Family..... said...

We noticed that Isaiah is wearing Caden's old pants?! Macy says, "Look Isaiah and the China baby are wearing the same pants!" I thought that was cute!