Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fun trip and a fat lip

Today we made the drive to Iowa City to meet Emily (dear friend that I can tell any deep dark secret or stupid little thing and she will love me anyway and/or tell me that I am being stupid) and two of her girls, Julia and Noelle. That is the halfway point between our homes and so we decided to visit the Iowa Children's Museum and just goof off.

It was great to introduce Levi to Emily who has been and continues to be a huge support spiritually. We played hard and then ate Chick-Fil-A, Levi's first taste. He devoured every morsel of food that he did not spill on his shirt. Later, Naomi and Noelle collided and Naomi got the biggest fat lip I have ever witnessed. Poor thing. There was lots of blood. Anyway, after a trip to the Stuff store, we hit the gas station for the kids to pick out their very own drink and variety of M & M's. I felt like such a fun mom.

Every attempt to get the kids to sit still for a picture was in vain. Sorry. You could probably check out her blog here if you are interested cause she will probably have some pics knowing her.

I listened to a great sermon on long drive by John Piper about parenting. That, combined with some giggles with my friend and watching my kids have a blast added up to a day of renewal. Praise the Lord. He is always faithful.

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