Thursday, November 5, 2009

Going to Bible Study

This morning Naomi informed me that she was going to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) which is the bible study that we go to weekly. I noticed that she had put on my name tag, was carrying my bag, and was prepared to drop off her baby at the children's class. I was so thrilled to see her imitating me doing something that is so dear to my heart which is going to study the word of God. The kids love the classes that they go to as well.

Which brings me to my point...It is essential that we educate our children about their spiritual needs and address ours as well. So, I just wondered what you have done today to accomplish that? Yes, I am talking to you, the one reading this blog. What have you done to pursue a relationship with our creator by learning about his son, the one who came to rescue us all? He is pursuing you. Will you take time today to consider what He might be asking you to do so that you can live out His purpose for your life? Discovering His will is an amazing journey, folks. Trust me.

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