Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Holiday

We visited the Steeles in Illinois for the long weekend.  The St Louis Steeles and Hannah were also there.  It was wonderful as we were able to have great food, conversation, and relaxation.  (Well, minus the four preschool cousins playing WWF in the living room non stop.)  We went to Grandma Betty's house for Thanksgiving dinner and gained 14 pounds each.  It was totally worth it though.  Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, corn, Aunt Marilyn's homemade rolls...Mmm.

On Friday the guys set out to work on finishing harvest (this is the latest they have ever been in the field according to Rick.  It is very very wet.)  Things started out well but about the time lunches were delivered to the field the combine broke and all of the guys worked on fixing it the rest of the day.

On Saturday the situation was better as the combine was fixed and the weather was 60 and sunny.  They spent the whole day out working and Naomi and I went out for quite a while and rode along.  This was the first year that Isaiah has been able to hang with the guys all day and I hardly saw him.  He rode along in the tractor with Dad, combine with Grandpa, and also helped grandpa take grain to the elevator in the semi.  He came home both days tired and muddy.  I loved it.  He is getting so big.  Micah said he talked their ears off the whole time asking a million questions.

Baby Walker- the newest addition to the family- is such a cutie.  Naomi and Isaiah loved getting to be around him.  Naomi was super excited to be able to help feed him one day while Steph and I went shopping.


Tamara B said...

Just stopped in via a link from my friend (and yours too) Renae. We too are adopting through Holt. Today we got our referral and as I was talking/emailing with Renae about it, she shared your site with me cause I live kinda-sorta near you... near West Union but I work in Elkader. Anyway, it's exciting to read about your journey.

stephanisteele said...

I think it's cute the way Walker is waving in the picture of Naomi feeding him the bottle. :)