Friday, February 15, 2008

Correggio, Italy...and Florence, Of course

Micah had meetings this morning and I went to walk around Correggio which is in the Reggio Emila area. The guys at dinner last night gave me a suggestion for what to do today that went something like this..."you should walk around in the city center and go to a resturant called "Tre Spade". There are only about 3 tables and the food is authentic to this area. The food is home made, the pasta is hand made. It is a very strange situation. If the lady is in a good mood she will have many choices to eat but if she is in a bad mood she will only have two choices or so. Very strange." So...knowing I had to go there and after having nightmares...I walked throught the town as suggested (first picture) and went to the strange situation resturant (second picture). It took me forever to find it. The streets are very confusing here. When I did find it the door was locked. You have to ring the bell to be allowed in. The lady and her staff were gracious. I was the only person in the place. It is the kind of place only the locals know about. The food was the best I have ever eaten. Truely an art form. They taught me some Italian. What a great experience.
We took a train to Florence tonight and found our hotel. Had another wonderful meal-after this place the Olive Garden seems really lame. Well, I guess for the price it isnt so bad. I think that the alcohol content in the wine is higher than at home. You can't drink very much of the stuff without feeling goofy. The cathedral here (Il Duomo) is amazing! It shoots way up into the sky. Everything here is charming. More about florence tomorrow when we can see it in the light.

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