Thursday, February 7, 2008

Here is the view from my kitchen window. I thought it was pretty. We ended up gettin 11 inches of snow yesterday. Wow! It is pretty but I hope they dont have snow in Germany. Micah is allowing me to accompany him on another business trip and his parents have been gracious enough to keep the kids for us. We will go to Italy and Germany this time. We are looking forward to a weekend in Venice. We are extremely blessed! We leave on the 12th. I will try and put pictures on the blog of our adventures while we are there. I am trying to learn some German before we leave and it isnt working out so well. I just need to learn the essentials..."do you speak english?"

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Steph said...

Lucky lucky girl! I am so happy for you, Jamie, that you get the opportunity to go AGAIN! Yes, what a blessed life you have! I know you detest all that darn snow, so keep your thoughts on the 12th of Feb! Have fun, be safe.