Thursday, February 14, 2008

Train from Munich to Bologna

Today we took a train from Germany to Italy. We went throught the alps and Austria. You cant see it from this picture of Austria but the hills really are alive with the sound of music... So the train experience is always interesting if you dont know a language because you are always second guessing yourself. "Is this the right train?", "Is this the right stop to get off??", and so forth. Several moments of confusion, if you will, were had. We ate in the dinning car on the train. When we got to Bologna we had to pee so we headed for the "WC" but you had to pay to get in. In the womens bathroom there was a man cleaning. Thats normal right?!?!

A driver took us to Correggio, a small town near Modena. English fell on deaf ears....Why dont we learn more languages in the US?? Anyway, the hotel is nice. Micah was going to head off to a business dinner and I was going to eat alone but they insisted that I eat with them. I ordered this pasta dish and when it arrived I was very nervous. There were some pasta dishes on the menu which featured squid ink, and the dish I recieved had a dark brownish/blackish drizzle all over it. VERY relieved to find out it was balsamic vinegar. I ate the whole thing (it was great) before the Italian guys ate their food. They stopped eating when about half of the food was gone. I guess the "clean plate club" isnt such a big deal in Italy! I must have looked like a cow. I ate everything on my plate. Even the "basket" made of cheese that the pasta was served in! So much for making a good impression for Americans...

We only have dial-up internet here so it is difficult to post. Will try to post more tomorrow if we have a connection in Florence. We will goof off for a couple of days. Really though, we are goofy anywhere we go!

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You crack me up! I love reading your posts.