Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Near Heilbronn

Hi all! We have not been able to post lately because we have not had an internet connection for the past few nights.

Italy was great! I am sure you could tell from the picutres. We had a great weekend exploring.

Berlin was interesting. I saw the remains of the Berlin wall, Checkpoint Charlie and the museum, the place where the underground bunker was where Hitler and his wife died, and the Brandenburg gate. It is a HUGE city!

YesterdayI had intended to visit with a friend who happens to live near Mannheim where Micah had meetings. We ended up traveling most of the day so that did not work out. I was able to see a small part of Mannheim and grab a bite to eat while Micah and the other guys met at the John Deere factory there.

We drove to Heilbronn this morning (the same place we stayed when we were here in November) and I took a trip to Schwabisch Hall, a small town about an hour train ride west from here. It was pretty as you can see from the above photos. (The top one is of an outdoor market which is common in the city center areas.) I fisnished my second book of the trip and ate yummy german food. We had a lovely dinner out with some other Deere employees and we are off again tomorrow to another town, Ocsenhausen.

If any of you Deere wives ever have any questions about what these guys do on their business trips just call me. The schedule is very demanding and it is exausting being on the road all of the time. I am thakful to have the time away from home but I dont think that I will be volunteering for any of these trips again any time soon!

I will try to post again tomorrow if we have an internet connection.
I love you all!

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