Monday, March 8, 2010

Adoption Day! -- Picture Update

It's been made clear that the picture link in the last post didn't work.  We've put them in a slide show video for download instead:


Renae said...

Oh goodness, he is beautiful! Congratulations! So very happy for you all!

icedlatteprincess:) said...

CONGRATS!!! I have been trying to keep up and your journey sounds so familiar! I can't even believe we have been home a month now...memories!!!!
I am so HAPPY Makayla's friend has a forever family now!
Blessings and safe travels to you!

the keith fam said...

It's all beyond words. I'm just overwhelmed as I see your photos. We serve an amazing and loving God who has adopted us and sealed the deal at the cross. It's all so amazing!

Jessica Hilborn said...

Oh my goodness! I just thought of you guys today and was wondering if you had met your new little guy, so I decided to check your blog. Obviously you have, and he is so cute! These pictures are just precious and brought tears to my eyes! What a gift you are giving to Levi, and he in return, will be such a blessing to you! Congratulations on your beautiful new addition! We are SO happy for you and can't wait to meet him!