Thursday, March 11, 2010


Every day gets a little easier.  The  bonding process is slow but steady, I think.  Levi is such a cutie.  He usually is ready to give a big smile and even waves hello to people who pass by.  We don't think his palate is closed completely because whatever we feed him seems to make its way back out his nose at times. :)  He is a super big eater.  He cried for an hour straight today but laid his head on my chest which was a first.  He gets really wound up and playful at night.  He just crawled out of his crib twice and has no intrest in sleeping right now.  He is showing us more of who he is all of the time!
We had the wonderful blessing of being able to hang out with our friends the Steed's today.  It was so fun to see friends from home.  They live in Shanghi since John is working there for John Deere.  It was super fun.  We had a yummy Thai lunch and walked around West Lake.  John and Cristi are old pros at this adoption trip thing so it was comforting to have them here.
Well, I now have a screaming toddler so I will sign off for now!
Love to you all.

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Leigh P said...

Jamie & Micah - Thinking of you this week and praying that things go as smoothly as possible - especially on the trip back to the States and once Levi is in his forever home. You two are awesome people and I am thrilled to be able to follow your amazing experience. Keep writing!! ;)

Leigh Pittman