Thursday, March 4, 2010

We Are Here!

We made it safely and easily. We are tired but had a good trip. We arrived in Beijing at 3:00pm and a guide and driver met us to take us to the hotel. We got all checked in, exchanged money, and settled in. Micah forgot his running shorts, so we went out for a short shopping trip and he has gone for a run. Next we plan to find food and go to bed! The picture is of us at the airport in Beijing. Sorry it is blurry but I asked a lady in line behind us to take it and evidently she had some trouble. :) I thought I would add our itinerary so that you would know what we are up to for the next two weeks.

Friday March 5th - Explore Great Wall, Hutong Lane, and lunch with other Holt families.

Saturday - Holt International orientation, lunch, tour of Tienanmen Square and Forbidden City

Sunday - Fly to Hangzhou

Monday - MEET LEVI at the Civil Affairs Office

Tuesday - Pick up adoption certificate, drive to Wenzhou (5 hours) to apply for Levi's passport, stay overnight

Wednesday - apply for passport, hopefully visit orphanage and finding place, drive back to Hangzhou

Thursday - We hope to hangout with our friends, John and Cristy Steed all day....woohoo!

Friday - Fly to Guangzhou

Saturday - Paperwork check

Sunday - free

Monday - Visit Medical Clinic - lots of shots for buddy

Tuesday - Visa appointment

Wednesday - Oath-taking ceremony

Thursday - pick up Visa, train to Hong Kong

Friday - Headed Home!!

Saturday - Crash in my bed!!

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