Monday, March 8, 2010

Adoption Day!

When we got to the Civil Affairs office Haofeng and the orphanage staff were waiting for us there.  He was being held by a caregiver that he seemed to like pretty well.  He seemed so much bigger than I though he would be.  He was dressed in three different layers of clothes plus a coat!  One thick shirt, two sweaters, one thick pants and then some snow pants (according to Micah).  He looked huge.  He was not sure about us at all and wanted to stay with his caregiver.  Stephanie instructed me to get out some toys and snacks and take it slow.  He protested a little but eventually came to me and even smiled and laughed.  While we filled out paperwork he fell asleep in my lap.  He only cried really hard when we had to take off his shoe to get his footprint for the paperwork.  He was a little uneasy when it was time to go but not nearly as bad as I expected.  The orphanage staff answered lots of questions for us and seemed to care for him very much despite the fact that it is a huge orphanage.  They had even made a scrapbook/photo album of him with handwritten captions to give to us.  They gave us more picures that we had not seen as well.  Such a surprise.
On the way home we had to stop and take a family photo for the paperwork and he hated that.  Back to the hotel.  We were like" now what do we do?".  He did not want to take his coat off.  So we got out some toys and played with him and he laughed non stop for a long time.  We ordered him rice for lunch and he ate every bite with smiles and ate a ton of cheerios.  He loves his sippy cup. 
We made a trip to the store for diapers, formula and some snacks.  That was something!  I will never complain about how crowded the store is ever again!  I could not wait to exit that joint especially with the old ladies in the baby isle giving me the critical eye because Haofeng had exposed skin on his ankles.  Anyway, back at the hotel we just lounged and I coaxed him into taking a bath by letting him throw the stacking cups into the tub but I was hard pressed to get his clothes off.  He did not like that very much.  After that he played in the tub for like 45 minutes and was perplexed by his prune skin when he finally got out.  We put on jammies (from Garret Keith :) and now he has been sitting and playing with the stacking cups for another 45 minutes.  He is quiet and tired, he just fell backwards on the bed and fell asleep so I had to wake him up.  He skipped nap becasue we are so interesting. 
He has only let Micah hold him once and he protested at that.  He keeps watch of Micah out of the corner of his eye.  He has laughed at Micah lots and is letting him feed him noodles and banana right now.  He seems very happy and goofy.  He keeps trying to get my attention and laughing, wanting me to laugh with him.  If he wants something he points at it.  He drools a lot.  He would rather be sitting and is not very mobile.  He seems much more like an 18 month old in that respect.  He is super cute and has long eyelashes. 
I sure hope he sleeps because this is one tired momma!  Tomorrow it is back to the Civil Affairs office for more paperwork and then the long drive to Wenzhou.  I'm hoping he will take a nap on the trip. 
You should be able to watch a video and a slideshow of a bunch of our adoption day pictures by clicking on the links below.
Thank you all so much for your emails of encouragement!  They are precious to me.


Anonymous said...

I loved the first video, but the 2nd link isn't working. :-(

mama2dibs said...

Oh, Jamie! I can't help but sit here and cry. Amazingly, as long as the journey has been, it's just beginning, isn't it? I am so excited for you and Micah! I guess my main piece of advice is keep leaning on God!!! :)

Brian & Erin Uglum said...

Wow...I am speechless. I am so overwhelmed with joy for you guys. What an AMAZING experience for you and little Levi. You guys are doing great! I love you! I pray you continue to have safe travels! Loving the updates and pictures too!

D&J said...

Micah and Jamie-what a wonderful experience. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us. I pray for Levi's transition to only get easier and smoother each day. Blessings to you!

The Werlings said...

I am sitting here crying for you guys while watching the video. I am so happy for you and so filled with joy at how God has done such an amazing work in your families lives!!!! You guys are some of my favorite people and I want you to know that I am praying for a very smooth transition for you guys and a lot more of those precious laughs from Levi. (I would have written his other name but can't remember how to spell it.:( ) I love you guys dearly!!!!

Beth said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! He is so beautiful and that laugh...too sweet. So happy for you.