Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What day is this again?

Ok, so we had a much better day today despite all of the running around.  We headed out first to apply for Levi's passport.  Pretty simple.  Then, off to the orphanage.  We had decided that Micah would go in while I stayed in the van so we could avoid Levi seeing all of his familiar surroundings and wanting to return!  I'm not sure what good it did for me not to go in because people from the orphanage- kids and staff- surrounded the van to get a look at Levi and his new American mom.  He seemed to know them all and tried to share his Cheerios.  Micah took lots of pics inside.  Back in the van to go out to lunch with the orphanage director and the woman in charge of international adoptions there.  At the restaurant- it was so interesting- another lady joined us who happened to be Levi's teacher.  Great!  Just what we needed ( I was thinking).  Another opportunity to confuse the poor child.  But no worries.  She held him for a bit and he did not seem too concerned to come back to me and say goodbye to them all after a nice lunch.  :)
After that we were off to take pictures of his finding place.  This is the spot where he was found before coming to the orphanage.  I snapped pictures from as many directions as I could.  Back in the van...
The drive back to Hangzhou took 6.5 hours this time due to a traffic accident that left us sitting still on the highway for an hour.  Everyone got out of their cars and peed on the side of the road.  It's very convenient I'll say.  Levi laughed and crawled all over that van (no carseats here) while babbling loudly the whole time.  He seemed really happy...except for when Micah tried to touch him.  We will need to work on that.
Driving back through downtown to our hotel- home sweet home- we inquired about Pizza Hut delivery.  Stephanie said that Pizza Hut does not deliver but PAPPA JOHN'S DOES!!  Woohoo!  Happy momma!
Back at the hotel room Micah fed Levi and then he danced all over the room for us.  (Levi danced, not Micah)  When he is excited or likes something he makes that sound that is in those beer commercials where the guys go "AHHHHHHHH".  He has a huge smile when he does it and sticks out his tongue a little.  He is quite a clown and is very active and curious.  I think he will get along well with Cousin Miriarm. :)
Well, Micah and Levi are already snoring and I want to be as well.  I will try to upload some pictures now.
P.S.- At the hotel breakfast this morning there was a sign that said "Help save the environment, control your portion size".  Hmm.  Just had to share.
Love to you all!


Steph said...

Jamie and Micah, thank you for posting in such detail about your experience! It is so inspiring. I love reading it every day. Love you.

Beth said...

We are so very happy for you. Sounds like Levi is a perfect fit. Love will do that :)